is a cooperative WWW proxy cache for Linux

Main features:
  • HTTP cache
  • SSL proxy
  • FTP proxy - experimental
  • multitreaded implementation
  • cooperativity using ICP and Digests
  • ICP extensions
  • trafic spliting among several caches
  • banner filtering
  • administration via WWW
  • identification of documets with the same URL by parametr VARY


WWW administration screenshots:

Configuration - main page:

Statistics - main page:


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PET is distributed under GPL.
PET was originaly developed as student's software project at Faculty of Math and Physics of Charles University in Prague.
David Hajek (core, networking)
Tomas Jirka (Digests)
Jaroslav Macek - JMac (ICP, config+statistic)
Stanislav Pavlicek (storage, networking)